8 Seater SUV

An 8 seater SUV will come in handy for a huge family or an individual that likes to bring friends around. Here are some models that are highly talked about in the automobile industry.

8 Seater SUV – Honda Pilot
The Honda Pilot is a spacious 8 seater SUV with a third-raw seat and ample storage cubics. It’s the right vehicle for a large family with young children bursting with energy. There are three latch positions for car seats in the second row and in the third row. It’s also powered by an impressive V-6 engine. However, many users complain of long braking distance and confusing dashboard configurations. Overall, the Honda Pilot is neither the best nor the worst SUV in the automobile market.

8 Seater SUV – Chevy Tahoe
The Chevy Tahoe seems to be more of a favorite than the Pilot. This 8 seater SUV definitely does not run on a sports car’s speed but users say that it’s a solid and stable ride, thanks to its 5.3-liter engine at 320 horsepower and 335 pound-feet of torque. It also features an active fuel management system that shuts down four of the 8 cylinders of the engine when not needed. Its stability, traction control, and adequate airbags – for all three rows – make this vehicle a safe ride. For a big and truck-like car, it’s designed sleekly and sharply.

8 Seater SUV – Lincoln Navigator

8 seater suvThe Lincoln Navigator, on the other hand, looks very overpowering at first glance. This tall 8 seater is equipped with standard automated running boards and doors so it’s not easy to climb in and out of this heavy vehicle. The interior doesn’t disappoint too. Front seats are heated and ventilated. Third-row seats of most SUVs are uncomfortable but for the Navigator, even the adults can sit comfortably there. The performance isn’t so bad either. Navigator users say it delivers a smooth ride compared to its competitors, even if its 5.4 liter V-8 engine is weak. Even with this weakness, critics are quick to say that navigating the Lincoln Navigator is easy.

8 Seater SUV – Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander doesn’t make that much of an impact at first glance. It looks classy but it definitely doesn’t stand-out among its competitors. However, Toyota makes up for it with the interior and the performance. This outstanding 8 seater SUV features easily understandable controls, a luxurious cabin, and satisfactory visibility. The 2.7 liter, 187-HP four-cylinder engine has gotten good reviews. A standard Highlander four-wheel drive can run at an impressive 20/25 mpg city/highway. It accelerates fast too and it’s easy to handle.

8 Seater SUV – 2011 Toyota Highlander Video