7 Seat SUV

When people think of 7 seat SUVs, they think about gas prices, fuel consumption, and other environmentally triggered issues concerning the 7 seat SUV. But the time of gas guzzlers is past. Nowadays, SUV manufacturers are thinking cleaner with the environment in mind.

Many SUVs available in the market are energy efficient, and burns cleaner fuels, which is why you do not need to worry about efficiency. In fact, SUVs have become so efficient these days, that they have increased the number of its seating capacity, in order to maximize space and save on travel costs. The 7 seat SUV is an increasingly popular choice for people who love space and comfort.

Here is a list of the best 7 seat SUV comparison according to customer reviews:

  • Mazda CX-9 – this 7 seat SUV drives like a car and sails smoothly over the road with cutting-edge suspension technology. While it has the same performance and tightness of a sports car on the road, it also has the power and force of an SUV off road. Inside, the CX-9 offers luxury and comfort with its leather interiors and contemporary designs that harmonizes the entirety of the interior. The best thing about this Mazda 7 seater SUV is the price, which falls under $40,000, lower than most 7 seater SUVs which are priced above $50,000.
  • 7 Seat SUV Mazda CX-9

  • Ford Flex – Ford Flex is one of the 7 seat SUV you want to consider when you are planning on buying an all-around vehicle. The starting price of the Ford Flex 2011 is $29,200 but still ranks as 6th among the worlds best priced 7 seater SUV. The Flex has an interior that is family friendly gadgets, has a generously spacious third row, but offers less interior space than a minivan.
  • 7 Seat SUV Ford Flex

  • Chevy Traverse – one of the most difficult words to combine with SUV is SEXY, but the Chevy Traverse makes it look easy. It is one of the sexiest 7 seat SUV on the road, with its distinctive style attached to its utility. It allows seating for up to eight people, and is priced at $29,224-$40,105 which is the suggested retail price. This SUV offers plenty of cargo space, and offers one of the best fuel efficiency among SUVs of its size.
  • 7 Seat SUV Chevy Traverse

  • Toyota RAV4 – the RAV4 is one of the most successfully SUVs in 2009 to 2010. Its appeal is attributed to its macho design, with broad shoulders and large wheels that make it run great in rough terrain. When it comes to road performance however, the RAV4 often lacks the smooth sailing drive. The third row seating is also not great for lack of leg room. The main ace of the RAV4 is its fuel efficiency, which is considered as one of the best of its size. Pricing is also not bad, because it is tagged at around $22,025 to $28,335.
  • 7 Seat SUV Toyota RAV4

These are some of the 7 seat SUV reviews, based on customer reviews and sales. But if you want to look for other 7 seater SUVs, the things that you should look for are fuel economy, safety, interior designing, and comfort. Pricing is also a very good basis for comparison. When it comes to driving, observe suspension, as this is one of the most prominent characteristics of good SUV engineering. A good SUV will drive smoothly over rough roads, while a bad suspension will make every pebble on the road seem like a hard hump on a 7 seat SUV.

7 Seat SUV – Mazda CX-9 Review Video – Kelley Blue Book

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