7 Seater 4X4

7 seater 4×4 SUVs are becoming very popular choices for many families because of their reliability and comfort. Moreover, SUVs are more fuel efficient these days, because car manufacturers are making more environmentally friendly vehicles to combat climate change. When it choosing the best 7 seater 4×4, there are some things you need to consider. First is energy efficiency. You want to save money on gas because soaring oil prices are expected to continue for the best part of 2011.

Another factor is road performance. Does the SUV run smoothly on roads, is it easy to maneuver, and is it fast? These are questions you need to ask before buying your seven seater 4×4. Finally, you have to look at the safety features of the vehicle. Does it have a high safety rating? What are the safety features of the SUV?

Here Is A List And Brief Review Of Some Of The Best 7 seater 4×4 In The Market:

Audi Q7 2011
The Audi Q7 is an elegant four-wheel drive that seats six to seven persons. It provides expanded cargo space, and has an upgraded supercharged engine that runs better and more efficient than the 2010 version. The new engine gives a better transmission and better fuel economy. It also drives smoother than its 2010 predecessor, which is sluggish and slow. It has excellent safety features, making driving an SUV a better experience.
7 Seater 4x4 - Audi Q7

The Germans have once again outdone themselves with the new BMW X5, a 7 seater 4×4 that has excellent driving performance and improved fuel economy. It ranks high with interior design, which boasts of a range of high-tech features including an updated iDrive system for the radio and climate controls.
7 Seater 4x4 - BMW X5

Toyota LC V8
This Toyota 7 seater 4×4 has achieved much to please critics because it provides comfort on and off the road. It provides great suspension off-road, while giving you a smooth flighty ride on the road. However, it ranks low on exterior design, lacking the chic and elegant look other SUVs offer.
7 Seater 4x4 - Toyota LC V8

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai has improved a lot in recent years, becoming one of the worlds top car manufacturers. The 7 seater 4×4 Santa Fe looks sleek and compact. It is relatively cheaper compared to other 7 seater cars, making it a top choice for many buyers. The Santa Fe ranks high in road performance, which drives smoothly like a car, at the same time providing comfort and utility like a real SUV.
7 Seater 4x4 - Hyundai Santa Fe

Mitsubishi Outlander
The Outlander is one of the most affordable Mitsubishi 7 seater 4×4 available. It has excellent exterior designing that make it an eye catcher on the road. The Outlander is a comfortable drive that offers good value for your money. It is a good sporting vehicle with huge cargo space and comfortable seating for six to seven passengers.
7 Seater 4x4 - Mitsubishi Outlander

7 Seater 4×4 – Watch This Video On Top Gear – Audi Q7 V12 Vs. BMW X5 M Vs. Range Rover:

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