Mazda CX-7 Diesel

The Mazda CX-7 diesel stands out among the rest of 5 seater diesel SUVs primarily because of its unorthodox design when it comes to its shape. The CX-7 drives away from the traditional box-type trucks and SUVs commonly seen in today’s roads. Instead, Mazda has streamlined the design of the CX-7 making it more aerodynamic and look like an over-sized sports car you can drive anywhere.

The Mazda CX-7 is a gas-powered SUV, but the Mazda company came out with a redesigned model in 2010 that runs on diesel. The 5 seater diesel is one of the most successful SUV releases of 2010 because the Mazda CX-7s odd yet catchy design integrates the designs of classic sports cars, luxury cars, and diesel sports utility vehicles into one sexy piece of metal plugged hybrid technology. Who says looking like a luxury sports car is a bad thing for SUVs? In some cases, its a great idea achieved only by top design and engineering. The CX-7 shares the sleek architecture and look of the Mazda 6, which is not bad for a 5 seater diesel SUV.
Mazda CX-7 Diesel

Mazda CX-7 Diesel Features

This passenger diesel offers a wide range of features that provide one of the most comfortable rides you will ever experience on a SUV after the Kia Sorento. The Mazda CX-7 diesel gives a comfortable ride giving the passengers smoother transmissions and excellent suspension that simulates flight. The great flighty feeling is attributed to its high profile tires and light spring rates, giving the chassis a good suspension that is very progressive and delightful.

The CX-7 is also a 5 seater TDI, thanks to the redesigned 2010 model, which was given a facelift from the 2006 model. It has a 2.2 liter turbo diesel injection system offering a 173 PS plus 400 Nm of torque, making the CX7 a reasonably powerful SUV in spite of its chic exterior design. Mazda has also updated the chassis for the 2010 CX-7 to give the car better handling and steering that is mostly the low points of many diesel SUVs.

One disadvantage of the Mazda CX-7 diesel is that there is no hybrid diesel class, which might have been useful for better mileage off the road. However, if you are to compare the 7 seater diesel SUV with other cars in its class, the Mazda CX7 offers a reasonable 27.4 mpg.

Overall, the Mazda CX-7 diesel is a good SUV offering sleek design that puts emphasis on comfort and smooth driving.

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Image Source By S 400 HYBRID (own photo) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons