7 Seater Estate

If you have a big family, choosing the right car to suit your needs is usually a big problem. You have to consider your children’s comfort and their individual luggage, so that you won’t have to drive another car when you’re going places. Not a lot of vehicles could give you this, not your average sedan, not even your pick up truck. If you want a car that truly suits your family’s seating needs, you definitely have to get a 7 seater Estate. The estate truly is a family car, and fitting five, six, or seven people is quite easy. This article will walk you through the basics of a 7 seater SUV estate, and hopefully help you choose one the next time you decide to buy a car for your family.

The most noticeable feature of a 7 seater estate is its seating space. As the name suggests, the 7 seater estate is ideal for seven passengers. The seven people will be able to sit comfortably, with enough legroom and headspace inside the vehicle. But this doesn’t mean that seven is already the maximum number of passengers that you can put inside the 7 seater, because with a nudge, you can fit in 8 or 9 people easily. This is great for short car rides, wherein you can stand a little discomfort for the sake of traveling in a group.
7 Seater Estate

7 Seater Estate Seat Configuration

But you should also be particular with the seating configuration of the 7 seater estate cars. There are several models of 7 seater estates which have a 3rd row estate seats that’s facing the rear. This means those who’ll seat here would be left with a limited view, since they’re looking at the outside of the vehicle from another direction. These seats are smaller than the other front facing seats, and are usually reserved for smaller children. If you’re not really particular about your seating arrangements, then there is really no problem with these 7 seater estate cars.

One concern with 7 seater estate vehicles is their fuel efficiency. Before, these cars were known to really chug down gas. Even 7 seater estate diesel car models can’t produce a decent mileage. But if this car truly serves its purpose seating 7 people at a time, then fuel efficiency won’t really be a concern. Still, if you want to save on fuel, you could go for newer hybrid estate models which feature an electric motor to maximize fuel consumption of these 7 seater estate cars.

7 Seater Estate Video – Volvo V70

Image Source By Bull-Doser (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons