Subaru Tribeca

The Subaru Tribeca ranks quite high on the popularity charts for midsize SUVs in the affordable category. It has quite a responsive engine, seats 7 people and features a standard all-wheel drive. Some people though, are of the opinion that it is rather expensive for what it offers. However, in its class of cars it is quite the competitive model. What pinches a bit is the fact that in its range, its starting price is pretty high and competitors models with optional all-wheel drives come much cheaper. A Subaru Tribeca review is not complete without an assessment and comparing its trim and its various packages can be difficult.

A look at the Subaru Tribeca 2011

This version of the Subaru comes in a number of trims. It has a Premium Base, a mid-level limited and a top of the line tour version as well. Each of these trims comes with a 3.6 liter and six-gallon engine. This engine gives you 256 horsepower. The Subaru Tribeca mpg stands at 16/21 mpg on city and highway roads respectively. The handling of the Subaru Tribeca is pretty easy, as it is a standard all-wheel drive system. It automatically ensures that you are steady while you drive. For a tall SUV, it is quite the competent model.
Subaru Tribeca Front View

The Subaru Tribeca Appearance

As far as the exterior looks of the Subaru Tribeca goes, this current generation of 2011 has seen a vast improvement on the earlier version, which did not go down too well with consumers. In fact, even now, most people find the look of the vehicle to be conservative, but it suits a number of people as well. As for the interiors, this vehicle comes with the regular third row style of seating, which can, in some cases, be a tight fit. The front two seats however are spacious and an ample distance apart.
Subaru Tribeca Rear View

The great thing about its controls is the ease with which they can be worked. They come with heated side view mirrors, power driving, a steering wheel covered in leather and audio controls as well as an auxiliary audio input jack. Most of the high tech features are not available in the base model and you will have to upgrade to the Limited version to get many of them. This will increase the Subaru Tribeca price you pay.

Since it has three rows of seating, quite a bit of cargo space is taken up. However, you do get 8.3 cubic feet at the back of the car to help you fit in a good amount of luggage and groceries if needed. You can create more space by folding down the second and third row giving you a spacious 74.4 cubic feet. This is more than any other car can offer you. There are also thoughtful additions such as cup holders and additions that allow you to make optimum use of the space in the car such as under the floor storage and even grocery hooks in the cargo area.

The Subaru Tribeca Safety Factor

The 2011 model is no different from the 2010 version, which has already been crash tested. It got a star rating for its occupant protection, thanks to the placement of its seats. It even got a 16% rollover score, which means that chances of it rolling over in the case of an accident are pretty low. The insurance industry tests conducted on it have resulted in good scores, making it favorable to most insurance providers. It includes dynamic control, traction control, electronic brakes as well as side curtain airbags.

The Subaru Tribeca is quite the popular car and has improved from its previous edition. Perhaps that is why even used Subaru Tribeca vehicles are very popular.

Subaru Tribeca Review Video

Image Source 1 By S 400 HYBRID (own photo) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons
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