6 Passenger Cars

6 passenger cars are considered to be the best when it comes to fuel economy, which isn’t a surprise because they need less energy to power their smaller, lighter structure compared to SUVs. 6 passenger cars are very popular in European countries, where many of the top quality small cars 6 passenger carscome from. When it comes to the best 6 passenger sedans, there are certain qualifications that need to be considered. Among these are safety, performance, and fuel economy. Design is also an important factor because good designs often have huge impacts on the sales of many 6 passenger cars. In fact, the best 6 passenger vehicle often has been voted as the car with the best design.

6 Passenger Cars – Best Fuel Economy Sedan

When it comes to mileage, the undisputed champion among 6 passenger cars is the 2011 Ford Fiesta. It has an excellent 40 miles per gallon fuel economy that far outstrips many of the other cars in its class. It is only rivaled by its brother car, which is the Ford Fusion Hybrid, but only because of the hybrid technology that is incorporated in the cars engine.

Best Performance Sedan

The BMW M# is rated as the car that offers the best performance when it comes to speed, acceleration, control, and braking. It is a car that is inspired by the Formula 1 racer models, having a 4liter V8, which gives a maximum of 414 horsepower in an automatic transmission, which is the most unbelievable fact. It provides tight handling, and the most comfortable front seats you will ever enjoy in a sedan. However, it scores low when it comes to fuel consumption, averaging a grade of 60%. Not a car for the environmentalist.

Best 6 Passenger SUV

The Toyota RAV 4 is the best 6 passenger SUV out there. It is a chic, small SUV that provides one of the best mileages in most of the available 6 passenger crossover vehicles. While providing the utility of being able to go long distances on and off the road, the RAV 4 is never loses sight of versatility, which compensates for its lack of size. The 2010 RAV 4 is definitely an SUV you do not want to belittle.

Best 6 Passenger Vehicle

Overall, when it comes to the best 6 passenger cars, you have to consider financial, environmental, and safety factors, which is why the Honda Accord topped the list of the best of all the 6 passenger cars in the market. The Accord is the most reliable sedan on the road which RARELY bogs down, and if it does, which is a very slight possibility, parts are cheap and easily obtained, unlike other luxury sedans. The Accord also has a decent 33 mpg, and is priced $26,000, making it one of the more affordable high-end sedans, while having a high safety grade of 9/10.

6 Passenger Cars – Honda Accord Sedan Review Video – Kelley Blue Book